Be Refreshed, Be Rejuvenated with Mesotherapy

In need of a little skin rejuvenation? Trying to get rid of blemishes, or fine lines? Then Mesotherapy could be the answer you’ve been looking for…

Even in my early twenties, I have skin-related problems I’m not too proud of; scarring from incessant picking at every spot, discolouration caused by too much sun or by too much smoking, and I have a general lack of care towards my face. It’s slightly embarassing to be putting these small insecurities out there, but hey, do you know what? There’s an answer to what we’ve all been looking for, ladies.

Whether you’re like me in your twenties and only just seeing the signs of aging, where your smile lines are slowly blending into permanent wrinkles, or you’re a woman of a maturer age who’s in need of a little life restoring into your face, Mesotherapy can help you. I tried it myself, and I wouldn’t lie… I’m pretty astonished at the results! Even when my skin wasn’t that bad to begin with.

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In fact, Mesotherapy is one of the most commonly used skin rejuvenation treatments in the industry! The treatment can also target signs of aging and other problems that may affect our skin’s quality and texture. And the best part? Apart from treating your skin problems, like signs of aging, spots, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring, Mesotherapy also leaves your skin with a radiant, glowing and youthful look!

How does Mesotherapy work?

Well, my lovely therapist Olga Lelekova first gave me a a quick skin analysis to identify any problem areas on my face, and also ask of any allergies I may have. She then went on to explain that while I may have small scarring and a few spots, my skin does not require a deep treatment.

Before starting the Mesotherapy itself, Olga was kind enough to cleanse and exfoliate my skin to ensure it was prepped and ready for the next stage.

The treatment process itself includes you skin being injected with a mix of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and natural plant extracts which increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

635801556599128316 Be Refreshed, Be Rejuvenated with Mesotherapy
Expat Woman Reviews Mesotherapy at Aesthetics

For me, Olga tailored the treatment to suit my skin, so the purpose of a Mesotherapy treatment on me is to primarily refresh and rejuvenate my skin to achieve that glowing look. My cocktail for skin renewal then included vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which suited my young complexion for skin rejuvenation and skin renewal. Hydrochloric acid was also included for the purpose of skin hydration, which is aimed at giving an instant and fresh glow.

Does Mesotherapy hurt?

The entire Mesotherapy is completely safe and painless, too! Olga used a dermapen to inject my Mesotherapy cocktail into my skin. Naturally, I was a little hesitant at the thought of the world “needle” however… I was being silly! In fact, the only discomfort you may feel is a mild tingling sensation, and you can opt to use the numbing cream to desensitise the area beforehand.

What are the after effects?

It’s normal to experience som redness for a couple of hours after the treatment. Olga was kind enough to add a calming mask to my face, that aids the healing of any small wounds that I may have had. She also added a BB cream to my face as she knew I was heading out after my treatment, so that reduced the redness for me. Actually, as Olga informed me, you are able to apply your make up after your treatment.

Will I experience the results I want?

I can safely say, absolutely. I only had one treatment, and I am still experiencing a noticable difference in my skin; so much so, that since the redness has gone down, I’ve not had to wear any concealer, foundation or powder since, which is absolutely fantastic.

After all, Mesotherapy promises to give instant results, so is perfect if you need to prep your skin for a party, special occassion or just want an uplifting refresh. Of course, treatment plans differ based on the skin’s condition, and 3 to 5 sessions are normally recommended for optimum results.

635801556915028871 Be Refreshed, Be Rejuvenated with Mesotherapy
Results after 1 session of Mesotherapy

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