Breast Augmentation: FAQ’s from flight attendants

This year in the United States alone, breast augmentation was the most common procedure to have been performed.  It has proven to be a successful operation with very good outcomes, adding to self-esteem and body form in properly selected candidates.

However, breast augmentation does carry a few risks such as infection, hematoma, and scarring which are general complications in all surgery. Capsular contractor and loss of nipple sensation are particular in this type of surgery.

It is important to note that implant malposition and some of the complications listed above can be prevented by good post-operative care in the immediate post-op period. This includes limited physical activity, which has more significance in physically demanding jobs such as some segments within the aviation industry.

 This is particularly true for flight attendants.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Some of the below are frequently asked questions by patients within the aviation industry.

 How soon can I start flying after the surgery?

Travel following cosmetic surgery can potentially complicate the post-operative course. It is advisable to wait 2 weeks following breast augmentation surgery. This allows ample time for the patient to sufficiently recover as early movement or strenuous activity may lead to implant malposition.

Is airplane cabin pressure a problem for breast implants?

No, cabin air pressure is no cause for concern.

 Can I go through security scanners with breast implants?

It is possible to pass through airport security scanners with breast implants. Breast implants should not contain any metal, and therefore should not cause a problem during security checks.

 What should I watch out for if I decide to travel after breast augmentation?

 Overhead Bins

Lifting heavy objects into an overhead bin within 2 weeks breast surgery is not advised. Furthermore, if a piece of luggage should happen to fall on your chest, it could cause serious damage to a patient’s healing process.


It is not advisable to carry anything heaver than 5 – 10lbs until at least 2 weeks after surgery.

 Other Passengers

It is important to be weary of crowded areas. Being hit in the chest by a backpack or an accidental elbow could cause damage to the healing surgical area.

Read more about breast augmentation. 


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