Ms. Alexia Bjarkan

Ms. Alexia Bjarkan Ketogenic weight loss
U.S Certified Human Potential Coach trained by the Bulletproof Training Institute.
Ketogenic weight loss   

Alexia Bjarkan is a Swedish weight loss coach specializing in the ketogenic diet, which is a scientific protocol for reaching target weight merely through eating.

The ketogenic method results in ketosis, a metabolic state that puts the body into automatic weight loss mode by switching the body’s energy fuel source from carbohydrates to fat. Other typical outcomes from ketosis are satiation, a relief from food cravings and a boost in energy. This change in body chemistry means that it’s possible to lose weight comfortably, without the requirement of an exhausting and time-consuming workout regime.

In addition to being an effective weight loss method, the ketogenic diet is a way to eat to optimize health. Adopting the ketogenic diet helped Alexia heal her long-term health issues and made her realize food’s powerful impact. The life transformation that followed gave Alexia a passion for helping others achieve their full potential too, starting with healthy eating.

Alexia’s coaching program reveals the exact steps to enter weight loss mode on the ketogenic diet, together with offering support and accountability to succeed with the weight loss goal. The client and Alexia together explore which strategies will make the client’s new habits sustainable in the long-term. For individuals ready to take action to get rid of excess weight while creating a healthy lifestyle, book your free consultation in the form to the right on this page.

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