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Dr. Mohammad Jawad

Dr. Mohammad Jawad is the founder and Lead Surgeon at Nip n Tuck, a Harley Street practice offering the full range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic services.

One of the most recognisable names in the world of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Jawad’s career spans more than two decades and multiple countries. Having completed a Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship in London, he continued his training in the USA, Italy, France, Belgium and Turkey before launching his career in the UK.

Dr. Jawad has over 10,000 hours of surgery under his belt, and has performed more than 6,500 surgeries during his career, so you could not wish for a safer pair of hands to put your trust in. With specialisations in acute burns, post burns reconstruction and post massive weight loss reconstructive surgery, as well as extensive experience and expertise in oncological reconstructions, including breast, head and neck reconstructions, and in hand surgery, Dr. Jawad is placed far above the average run of ‘cosmetic’ surgeons in the depth and seriousness of cases he has spent a lifetime handling. Dr. Jawad also has a broad base of experience operating on patients from different ethnic groups and backgrounds from Caucasian to Asian and Afro-Caribbean clients. He has received international acclaim for his results, with aesthetic practitioners in countries like France and Italy adopting his techniques.

In 2009 a Channel 4 documentary ‘My Beautiful Face’ aired and catapulted Dr. Mohammad Jawad into the public eye. The story of Katie Piper, the beautiful model marred by an acid attack and her ‘hero’, as she calls the man who restored her face and her confidence, has since been shown the world over with record viewing figures. Mr Jawad was hailed as a ‘medical genius’ for the reconstructive work he performed on Ms. Piper in several complex and challenging surgeries. An almost full-face reconstruction in one stage had never been done prior to this pioneering work, and it allowed Katie to return to her previous career as a model and TV presenter.

A Scottish TV programme on Jennie Rawlins brought additional recognition for Dr. Jawad. Once the heaviest woman in Scotland weighing 44 stones (650 LBS / 275 kgs), Jennie shed 123 kilos but was left with a hugely burdensome apron of skin and fat. Mr Jawad operated on her when she was still 152 kg, removing 13 kgs of excess skin and fat from his patient. Currently, Jennie is yet undergoing stage reconstruction. Her final surgery in August 2012 will effectively allow her to regain a normal life.

In 2012 a new documentary, Saving Face, Winner of the Oscar for Best Documentary, chronicled Dr. Mohammad Jawad’s work as he travels to his birthplace, Pakistan, to treat survivors of radically disfiguring acid attacks. The film brought global awareness and highlighted the cause of acid violence to an unprecedented degree.

Dr. Jawad has held many eminent posts throughout the UK, his most recent position before dedicating himself to his private practice in London being at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, where he served as Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Burns Surgeon. He continues his position as Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Scotland, as well as remaining an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of London. All the while he continues to attend international symposiums and seminars to keep abreast on the latest developments in aesthetic surgery, often speaking at these events as well.

Most recently Dr. Jawad has been invited to join the esteemed team of elite lecturers at the Stanford University, School of Medicine, USA.

Dr. Jawad’s focus on private work at Aesthetics International encompasses the more familiar services that are in high demand today.