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FACE ART In Dubai®by Dr. Khan


Face Art in Dubai by Dr. Khan allows you to restore volume in the cheeks, temporal areas around the eyes, under the eyes, and in the lips and chin. It reduces wrinkles and prevents overactivity of some of the facial muscles to create a lifting effect.

Whether you’re looking to restore youthful features, or simply balance the features of your younger face, subtle enhancements are made using anti-aging injections and fillers so no one will even know that you’ve had anything done.

This procedure is custom designed for each patient by the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaffer Khan.

We are offering face art in Dubai

Face art is a treatment which will allow you to enhance your beauty with restoring the volume in the cheeks.  If you looking for art in Dubai by Dr. Khan, the Aesthetic clinic is the best choice for this treatment. 

The Face Art treatment takes 1 hour 30 minutes and includes the following:

  • Consultation + Assessment
  • Application of Anesthesia
  • Treatment: Unlimited anti-aging injections + fillers depending on assessment and patients requirements, 1 Session only
  • Post-treatment: Cryotherapy for the face

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Q&A: Dr Jaffer Khan: Founder & Medical Director at Aesthetics International and Nova Clinic by Aesthetics.

Q: How important is the chin and jawline in the art of facial aesthetics?

A: The chin and jawline are both extremely important when it comes to the art of facial aesthetics. In particular, the chin, the nose, and the lips form a prominent feature of the face in a profile view.  In this view, it is nice to have symmetry between these in terms of projection and also from a volumetric perspective.  If any of these structures are under projected, it takes away from the facial harmony. Therefore, chin augmentation is a very important part of facial aesthetics.  

The rest of the jawline is also important because as the bone structure is enhanced, so too is the soft tissue support.  Nowadays, we do a lot of augmentation in the jawline, to give more projection in this area, particularly around the angle of the jawbone. Some patients prefer a more sculpted look, however, it’s important that we don’t over-masculinise the female face, and it’s all in the art and skill of the surgeon.  For men, putting volume in the angle of the mandible area works extremely well.

Q: What are some ways to improve the jawline?

A: The jawline can be improved mechanically, chemically, or volumetrically.  Mechanical improvements are created with a facelift, which can be done surgically, through a thread lift, or even with Ulthera, which involves tightening the facial muscles. All of these treatments result in a mechanical lift in this area.  

The jawline can be improved by what we call a ‘Nefertiti lift’ as well as injections to the facial muscle, all of which can affect the jawline, and this can be done through fillers.

The jawline can also have an undue prominence in the area, which come sometimes be due to grinding the teeth. Filler in this area can help to improve the look in particular in the width of the lower face.

Q: When working on the chin area, how do you enhance it and what factors are important to note?

A: As mentioned in question one, we can enhance the chin area with either an implant or fillers. I would always encourage people to use fillers first because this can give us an idea of what the projection increase would look like and how much projection the patient actually wants.  We can sculpt the area with Filler to ensure the area is optimised, and here at Nova Clinic we have a treatment called Face Art which actually aims to sculpt and define the look of the face focusing on a person’s individual features, enhancing and improving with small tweaks and changes, which ultimately make a big difference.

Q: Who’s jawline, chin and face shape is the most referred to during the consultation phase of treatment by your patients?

A: A well-known face which has very good definition and sculpting is Angelina Jolie.  She has a very powerful jawline, structure, as well as the angle of the mandible, is quite prominent.  Otherwise, actually in true life, very few patients refer to anyone when they come to talk about their jawlines because a lot of them are actually not aware that jawline definition, particularly chin augmentation could dramatically change their lower face.  This is really not even an ageing feature, but more a feature of facial harmony because we are trying to replace the bony structure, which does not exist, and therefore, could be done for any age group.

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