I have not seen doctor Sofie in many years but she has always stayed in my thoughts. She always crosses my mind especially when I needed a DECENT, knowledgeable holistic doctor. She was the only one who helped my children to heal their recurring asthma and pneumonia when the other doctors were prescribing all kinds or antibiotics and cortisone, neutralizers and which weakened their immune system and never helped them, other than stopping the symptoms just for the moment. My childrens immune system started to get stronger and stronger with the homeopathic remedies that she prescribed and they got over their illness in time. She also helped me with the stress and anxiety that I had, she was so patient and a great listener. She gave us all the needed time to explain, describe and express our selves with lots of tears.UAE people are so lucky to have her there, unfortunately I do not live there anymore (but i will definitely visit her the next time I am there). I miss you Doctor!

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